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Cambridge Wins Local and National Awards

Online Reviews from Seniors and Their Families Rank Cambridge Village the Best of Senior Living in Wilmington.

Wilmington NC-  Cambridge Village of Wilmington, a 55+ Optimal living community based in Wilmington, NC, was the winner of two awards based on reviews from members and individuals who’ve voted for or given positive reviews online.

The Wilmington Star News’ Shore Picks of 2017, pronounced Cambridge Village the Best of the Best, beating out Carolina Bay and Brightmore of Wilmington, in the Best Independent Living Community category. The Shore Picks award strives to “name the best bites, businesses, places and people in Brunswick, New Hanover, and Pender counties”

Katie Manning, Executive Director for Cambridge Village commented, “We are thrilled to receive these two prestigious awards. StarNews is an integral part of our community and recognition from their following is an honor.”

In addition to the local award, awarded Cambridge Village the title of Best of Senior Living for 2018. Senior Advisor’s winners represent the top one percent of care providers in the United States and Canada.

“These communities have earned the stamp of approval from the people most qualified to rate them – residents and families,” said Ben Opps, General Manager of “Even though we raised the standards and made the awards more difficult to win this year…”.

Katie Manning added that “SeniorAdvisor is a trusted source for senior living communities across the country. This award represents our teams hard work and dedication to providing an optimal living lifestyle for the residents of Cambridge Village.

Understanding the Power of Hormones


HORMONES… One little word, but so much power.

Hormones basically affect everything we do and how we feel.  Hormones control the immune system, our stress response, our sexual development, our sleep cycles, growth, and metabolism. 
As our hormones begin to decline, typically around the age of 35, we begin to see and feel the effects.  Less energy, fine lines, and wrinkles are usually the first signs of hormone decline.  Understanding the role of hormones is the first step toward maintaining optimal hormone levels which can improve one’s physical and mental acuity.


Commonly referred to as “the fountain of youth”, DHEA is one of the most abundant hormones in the body and is considered an important building block of other hormones including testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.  This hormone is also known to be anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-obesity, anti-diabetogenic, and anti-aging.


Melatonin is a fundamental regulator of the circadian rhythm, or the body’s internal clock.  This hormone’s levels are higher at night, are suppressed by bright light, and decline with age.  This is one reason why older people sleep less, even though they need the same amount of sleep they did when they were younger.


The thyroid gland affects every function of the body because it regulates the metabolism.  These hormones regulate oxygen entry into the cells of the body, controlling body temperature, heart rate, body temperature, hair growth, skin turnover, growth and development.


Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone, but is also necessary in lesser amounts for females too.  It is critical not only for libido, but for normal energy levels, mood, building muscle, and burning fat.  It is responsible for supporting the immune system, bone density, and skin tone.  By the time a man reaches the age of 80 he has only 20% of the testosterone he had when he was in his 30s.

Estrogen and Progesterone

Estrogen and progesterone are the primary female sex hormones responsible for protecting the premenopausal woman against colon cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, memory loss, and menopause.  In low levels, estrogen and progesterone are beneficial for the male brain, while too much of these hormones can displace testosterone

The Next Step – The Right Balance

The right balance of hormones helps manage and even slow the aging process; the wrong balance will certainly accelerate it.   You can take the next step toward keeping your body at peak condition, your skin glowing and your brain at optimal acuity by working with a health professional that specializes in optimal living and the balancing of hormones. With hormones in balance and healthy lifestyle choices, you will spend less money on health care in the long run, plus you will look and feel younger! 


Greg’s Story – Optimal Living Changing Lives!



By Blake Shepard
Director of Health Promotions
Exercise Physiologist/Functional Aging Specialist

Greg embraced his active lifestyle and career as a police officer for 18 years in upstate New York. But after moving to NC, a career change as an account manager drastically changed his lifestyle.   Long hours of sedentary work led him into an unhealthy routine.   At age 58, Greg found himself rapidly acquiring body fat, losing muscle tone, and constantly feeling lethargic.    Not interested in the typical crowded work-out environment, Greg heard from a friend about a program called “Optimal Living”.   Knowing that this program was offered at Cambridge Village, a resort style apartment community for 55+, Greg was a bit skeptical at first.  How effective, after all, could a retirement community’s fitness program be?  What Greg found, however, was life changing. 

The first step was an initial consultation with the Optimal Living team to get a health history.  This information helped us understand Greg’s frustration and his goal to regain control of his health.  A thorough physical exam was then conducted by PrimeMD, the Optimal Living physician service.  Next, lab work was scheduled to determine his general CBCs, lipid panel, kidney/liver, as well as vitamin deficiencies, and hormone imbalances.  This was also offered via PrimeMD, conveniently located on the Cambridge campus.  A study of the lab results revealed some underlying causes to Greg’s weight gain and lack of energy.  Greg was given an in-depth analysis of the results and was educated on how to supplement his deficiencies with nutraceuticals and hormone replacement.  Next, as his personal coach, I provided a detailed, customized exercise prescription focused on strength training, cardiovascular health, and flexibility.  Greg committed to his new regimen 2-3x per week.   He admits that his unhealthy lifestyle included poor diet choices, so he also took advantage of the nutritional education and meal planning included in his Optimal Living program. 

Approximately three months later, I followed up with Greg to check his progress.  Not only had he lost 18 lbs of body fat, but he had also lowered his cholesterol by 30 points and increased his testosterone by 235!   Greg now faces each day with much more stamina and energy.  The ongoing access to the medical team as well as to me or another exercise physiologist on staff is a benefit he would not have with any other program.  This connection has helped him stay on track, kept him motivated, and held him accountable while working to achieve an optimal lifestyle.   Kudos to Greg for being proactive and taking the necessary steps to accomplish his goals!


Can you relate to Greg’s story?    Are you finding that you aren’t getting the most out of our current fitness regimen?  Don’t settle for normal…Let us help you achieve OPTIMAL LIVING.  You will feel better, look better, and sleep better!  Contact Blake Shepherd at 910.239.9966.

Download a PDF copy of this story HERE to share with friends and family

Health Benefits of Meditation

Submitted by Tiffany Chalmers, Salon & Spa Director

The practice of daily meditation is completely free, requires no equipment and is not complicated to learn.  It can be done anywhere and for any amount of time.  Meditation has been practiced all over the world for thousands of years.  It has numerous physical, psychological, and spiritual health benefits.  Our Salon & Spa staff practice meditation and provide a monthly guided class.  The following are examples of how meditation may affect your life in a positive manner:

Physical Benefits

  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Decreases muscle tension
  • Helps chronic diseases such as arthritis & allergies
  • Enhances immune system
  • Helps in post-operative healing
  • Helps with weight loss
  • Helps with reduction of free radicals; lessens tissue damage
  • Improves cholesterol levels

Psychological Benefits

  • Increases serotonin levels
  • Resolves phobias
  • Helps with focus & concentration
  • Increases brain wave coherence
  • Improves learning ability & memory
  • Improves communication between the 2 brain hemispheres
  • Decreases restless thinking

Spiritual Benefits

  • Provides peace of mind
  • Increases self-actualization
  • Brings body, mind, & spirit in harmony
  • Helps attain enlightenment
  • Improves inner directedness
  • Helps living in the present moment
  • Creates a widening, deepening capacity for love

To learn more contact Tiffany Chalmers – Cambridge Village Salon & Spa Director –

What is the Role of our President – According to the Constitution – Monday, Feb 27th

What is the Role of our President – According to the Constitution – at 2pm

This event is open to anyone, but please register in advance as seating is limited!

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The History of Valentine and his Special Day – Monday, Feb 13th

The History of Valentine and His Special Day – at 2pm

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The Love Story of the John Berry Family – By Elaine Henson – Friday, Feb 10th

The Love Story of the John Berry Family – By Elaine Henson at 2pm

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Meet the Author- Terry Bowman “The Carving Tree – Friday, Feb 3rd

Meet the Author – Terry Bowman “The Carving Tree” at 3pm

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Afternoons with Entertainer Phil Bruschi – 1/27, 2/24, 3/31


Back by Popular Demand!

Well known Singer/Educator/Entertainer Phil Brushci
presents unique “edu-tainment” events.

Friday, January 27th * 2pm
Ray Charles  “You Don’t Know Me”

Friday, February 24th * 2pm
Sing & Swing “The Big Band Era”

Friday, March 31st * 2pm
The Talented Tony Bennett “I Wanna Be Around”

These events are open to anyone, but please register in advance as seating is limited!

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The History of Ground Hog Day – Monday, January 23rd

The History of Ground Hog Day – at 2pm

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